40th Anniversary Year Upcoming Events

This year, 2024, is a special year for the Society as it is our 40th Anniversary.

We have two events arranged and hope to organise some Zoom Meetings that all members will get he opportunity to attend.  If any overseas members are hoping to join us please email chair@afhs.org for more details.  For UK members please wait for the booking forms which will be in Alderson Roots.

Our Spring Meeting 2024 will be held in Ravenstonedale, Cumbria on 17 & 18 April, full details and booking information will be in February’s Alderson Roots

Our Autumn Meeting and AGM 2024 will be held at Walworth Castle, near Darlington, County Durham on the  7 & 8 September.  This takes the Society back to its roots as it’s where the inaugural AGM was held back in 1984.  The event will cover the beginnings of the Society, where we are now and the future.

Details of both events will be published in Alderson Roots throughout the year.