The Alderson Family History Society
Registered Charity, Number 1011898

  • Membership

    Currently we have about 285 members, mostly in the United Kingdom, but about one third are from overseas, notably the United States of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

    We are always pleased to welcome new members, whether experienced family historians or those newly interested in discovering their family roots. We are a friendly society with a lot to offer both from the information and research point of view and also socially.

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  • Research

    Our research so far has not led us back to an original Alderson although the amateur Victorian genealogist Plantagenate Harrison has suggested the family line flows from Aldoue de Bolton who was a vassal of William de Vescy, Sheriff of Lancaster, in the time of King Henry II (1154-1189). His son William Aldouesson had two sons Richard and William Alderson.

    The Upper Dales Family History Group aims to support those whose ancestors had their roots in Wensleydale and Swaledale (within the Yorkshire Dales) and membership may be of interest to AFHS members.

  • The Society

    The Alderson Family History Society (AFHS) was formed in 1983 and owes much to the research previously carried out by the late Surgeon Captain Basil R Alderson RN and the late William Oswald Alderson.

    Most modern Alderson family lines can be traced back to Swaledale, in North Yorkshire, England, where the name was common in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and where many families remain today.

  • Spelling

    As a ‘one name’ society our focus is on the ALDERSON name, but if we want to understand the
    relevance of old records, we cannot be a ‘one spelling’ society.

    Take a look here to see the various spellings of ALDERSON that appear in the records and how they came about. The table gives 63 different name spellings that seem to relate to our ALDERSON ancestors.